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How is my KID driving?

Want to know how your kid really drives? Just ask the people he or she shares the road with! The “How is my KID driving?” program is the easiest way for fellow drivers to let YOU, the parent, know exactly how your KID is driving. Comments from fellow drivers will be instantly delivered right to your smartphone(s). It’s simple!

• Place our bumper sticker on the registered vehicle
• Comments will be instantly delivered to your smartphone(s)

The “How is my KID driving” program is the easiest way for you to monitor how your child is actually doing behind the wheel. If your child is speeding, swerving in and out of traffic, driving reckless, talking on the phone and not paying attention, or texting while driving, you’ll be sure to hear about it. The best part is, your child knows other drivers can easily comment on their driving, and this alone makes them drive more carefully! Our program gets other drivers involved by giving them a free, easy, and anonymous way to comment on your child's driving.

When other drivers want to comment on your child’s driving, they simply open the free PUSH TEXT application (currently only available to iPhone and Android users), enter the tag (or license plate) number, add a comment, then send. Their comment will be instantly delivered right to your smartphone! And, because the comments are sent and received through the PUSH TEXT app, the sender and recipient remain anonymous!

Help promote safe driving to our kids, use the “How is my KID driving” program today! Just $10 a year!

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