How to Get a Car Crash Report in Birmingham, AL

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Driving schools and road codes and laws were designed to help us drive carefully and avoid accidents of all kinds. Still, life happens and accidents occur.

Whenever there is an accident, it is necessary for the law to get involved. Police statements are made, insurance claims are filed, and other important paperwork is done so that needed action (such as vehicle repair or hospital and medical compensation) can be made.

Unsurprisingly, every territory, town, city, and state has its own procedures for reporting an accident and getting a car crash report. The state of Alabama is no different. Below, we look at the steps needed to get a car crash report in Birmingham, AL.

Report the Accident

Once an accident takes place, it must be reported. It’s also a good idea to contact an accident attorney in Birmingham. This is true even for minor accidents. Be sure to call the police immediately, as well as file a report with the Alabama Department of Public Safety (ADPS). To file with the ADPS, an SR-13 form must be filed. Once completed, the SR-13 form must be submitted via mail along with a $15.00 money order. Finally, the respective insurance companies should also be contacted and the accident reported.

Place an Order with the Alabama Department of Public Safety

Once an accident has been reported and filed with the ADPS, a car crash report (or accident report) can subsequently become available. Getting ahold of this report is not too difficult. For starters, persons need not go into local precincts to order a report. Instead, they can let their fingers do the walking and apply for a report by visiting the official ADPS website. Simply use the order form option found there to enter the details of the report you wish to have and then pay the $17.00 fee with your credit card.

Other important features of ordering a car crash report with the ADPS include the following:

  • Persons may have to wait up to 10 business days after an accident has been reported to have the car crash report available online
  • Once submitted, orders for car crash reports are non-refundable
  • An email receipt bearing the Confirmation and Crash Report numbers is sent subsequent to an order
  • Purchased crash reports are only available for viewing for seven days after ordering
  • Crash reports are available in PDF format, so a PDF reader (like Adobe Acrobat) is necessary for viewing and printing where needed or desired
  • Persons must agree to a Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act statement at the beginning of the order process
  • Persons should be prepared to search for a crash report using either a drivers license number, driver’s name, or crash report number

The crash report is to be selected from a list of search results presented after entering the criteria. Once the information in the report has been verified, the same can be paid for by entering one’s credit card information and then clicking the “Printable Crash Report” button.


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